dog days of summer

The phrase “dog days of summer” was the original wording title on 2009/2010 press releases for the Cool Aid Culture Summer Festival.  I was fortunate enough to work with this great non-profit  for their 40th Anniversary celebration.  The Doggy Idol segment of the event, was hosted for Victoria Cool Aid Society by Citizen Canine. http://www.coolaid.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=193:arts-festival-goes-to-the-dogs&catid=30:information&Itemid=197

Citizen Canine is a Victoria group focused on advocacy, public education and canine community building including the Canine Good Neighbour Program for the public. http://www.citizencanine.org

“The dog days of summer” and “Doggy Idol” are back!  Dog Days ……….. will be Fun Days, for the whole family with events like:

Original “Doggy Idol Talent Show” (open to any talented pet, canine or otherwise)

DoggyIdol “4 on the Floor”,  3-5 km Run/Walk

“Doggy Idol Fashion Show”

“Doggy Idol Trade Show”

“Doggy Idol special Educational seminars”

“Doggy Idol Photo Contest”

The best part?  Event(s) proceeds will directly…

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Hello all!

Hello all!

for those of you that don’t know me…..I have deceided to do a blog on events

why events?

Because I love them!

I like going to them, I like creating them, I like supporting them

What kinds of events do I like? …kinda culture crazy/ like art, theater,music and dance events as well as community ones like fundraisers (not into sporting events much, but probably because I know little about any sports)

I will use this blog to write about the good, the awesome, the bad and the ugly events I attend or are invited to; as well as the ones which I feel are important to support

In the past I have used my twitter and facebook page to promote great events ….       so now will do it here ( I think my FB friends are getting tired of all “my shares” lol)

Know about some great events? or want to invite me to yours? drop me a message

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